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Hi everyone,
I know I have been "absent" for most. But I have been writing and drawing still. Since my job doesn't allow me the kind of freedom I'd like, I haven't drawn anything very rendered or that I consider dA worthy. Most of my sketches and pieces are in my tumblr (you can't find it here). You will see that I have dabbled into painting mugs, and that my lines are stronger and have matured a lot. Also my characters grew with me (even if growth means that Knit now includes a child version of herself and a teenage girl). The Wig Bag Trio has fleshed out and has deeper stories, plus a lot more sketches. There are some new characters floating around my sketches too. 
Some of you have seen my poems, which I will keep on writing, though writing wise I am focusing on finishing a few stories. Since some traumatic events a while back I hadn't been able to write more than poems or letters, but after some deep writing, I can write better again and that is very liberating, since it feels almost like it used to, 10 years ago when I finished so many stories. The one I am currently writing is a rewrite of one of those. The plot was good, but the characters weren't nor was the actual story, so I am keeping the plot and reworking everything else. 
And if you think I haven't been around dA, you're quite mistaken, I've been helping quietly out at :iconcrphotography: collecting the Daily Deviations and the Photographs of the Day. It's not a lot I do there, but I do my best to do it and enjoy it a lot. Slowly I've been learning about photography and the team, which is amazing. Go check them out!
As for personal life, it's moving and I am happier, having learnt to centre myself and stress less (not that I completely can avoid stress) and to be more thankful and calmer. Patience is key. 
 If you're reading this, thanks! Have a lovely day! And some hugs :huggle:
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Submitted on
May 14, 2016